Monday, February 20, 2012

A Steelers Bar in Rome

Poorly taken, camera phone photo of La Botticella, 
Rome's Pittsburgh Steelers themed bar
Did I mention where I've been hangin' out semi-frequently over here?  Leave it to a Pittsburgh Steelers fan to have a Pittsburgh Steelers Bar, in all places near Piazza Navona in Rome, Italy.

La Botticella, "The Little Barrel," is a semi-famous place that's been mentioned in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and (from what I understand) is operated solely by its bartender/owner who keeps La Botticella open seven days a week and is friends with just about..  everyone. 

There is a sign behind the bar that says, "everyone brings happiness, some when they come, others when they go," and by some act of fate this bar was one of the first places I stumbled across (seeking yeeros) during my search for an apartment.

I always wondered what I brought to the Botticella.

Probably absolutely nothing.

There is another sign behind the bar that says, "When in Rome, Do a Roman." 

There are peanuts thrown all over the floor.

La Botticella is a popular hangout spot for Americans, American college students and American Airline Employees.

You would be surprised at how many young Americans are in Rome for similar reasons to me.

Which is basically for no reason whatsoever.

Except that most of them are spoiled rich kids from the East Coast.

And I am just an unsophisticated crazy-man who blew his life's savings to come to Rome and write Bar Fight.

What a life. 

The thing I admire most about airline attendants is the way they have different boyfriends and girlfriends in so many different cities across the world.

The Fontana del Moro at Piazza Navona at night

What a lonely life.

Writing Bar Fight is a sort of lonely life.  Spending all this time alone and writing.  My concern for absolutely nothing in the world other than writing this novel has in many ways, isolated me.

From everyone.

What a life.

La Botticella had become, a nice, occasional refuge where I can occasionally talk to some young, irresponsible Americans and fellow Steelers fans.  The thing I will always remember about Giovanni, the owner, is the time he asked me to stand at the door as he went downstairs to change a keg since I was the only other person in the bar.  When the police arrived and asked me why his motorcycle was illegally parked out front he almost got a fine when I, a non-Italian speaker, had no explanation to offer for this.  I highly recommend La Botticella.  Most importantly everything written in this blog is true.  It is based on an email sent on 2/9/2010.

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