Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Baglione: Caravaggio's Mortal Enemy?

Sacred Love Versus Profane Love by Giovanni Baglione (Image taken from the Public Domain)

Most of what is known of Caravaggio's life is based on three biographies written by Giulio Mancini, Giovanni Pietro Bellori and Giovanni Baglione, a rival painter who not only once went as far as to sue Caravaggio but also accused him of hiring assassins to kill him.  As seen in the painting above, Baglione was in every sense influenced by Caravaggio's style.  The Sacred Love Versus the Profane Love depicts an angel breaking up a love affair between Caravaggio (shown with devil ears) and a little boy (representing profane love).

Everything considered, many believe Baglione eventually gave the most objective recollection of Caravaggio's life.  Maybe Baglione was in fact, Caravaggio's greatest frenemy.


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