Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bar Fight: The Proposal; Current Progress

This is the newest and most refined version of the proposal I have created to promote the novel "Bar Fight."  Differing from the previous version (posted weeks ago) this proposal is outlined according to the following paragraph structure;

I.  Hook (grabs attention)
II.  Flat out sales pitch.
III.  One paragraph of story (a synopsis similar to one found on the back of a book)
IV.  Who is this for and why?
V. Who am I and who was I when I wrote this?
VI.  An effective closing paragraph that directs to the website.

What do you think?  Do you find this proposal to be effective?  All advice and suggestions are welcomed (and pleaded for) and can be placed via comments on blogger, Facebook, email or of course you could always just tell me…

       In early September, Michael Caravaggio and his loyal friend Matthew were sitting in a Bar and they were children.  In the following days a newscaster came on the television and told them there were terrorist attacks, that life revolved around text messaging and the internet, they were thrown into a completely new adult world and they remained, children.

       Bar Fight is an 87,000 word fiction novel young people will want to read because it is about heavy drinking, partying and starting fights.

       Welcome to the year 2001.  Having just been unleashed into the rural West Virginia bar scene after a long stretch in art school, 21 year old Michael Caravaggio is immediately motivated to assault outspoken, intolerant,  local, Ray Archibald Heart.  All does not go smoothly as he skyrockets into success and prominence as a professional painter.  Michael brawls constantly and risks everything.  Ray wants his revenge, a makeshift gang, a lone assassin and bigoted locals stand in his way.  Everyone seems to want Michael dead.  His only choice to save his career is to fight or run for his life, or will he do both?
       Readers will enjoy Bar Fight because it reveals the private, self destructive life of an artist otherwise known only as a legend.  Michael isn't afraid to satisfy our darkest impulses by doing the wrong thing in almost any situation but everything seems to work for him.  He and his best friend brawl for fun, if Grand Theft Auto V was a novel this is what it would be like.  I believe that young people living in the economy of today will find inspiration in the story of a young man who can be so wild and impatient and still have opportunities to succeed.  All of us have a little bit of Michael Caravaggio in our hearts, a need to witness something like this, and anyone who enjoys transgressive fiction by writers like …………. and ……...…. will also enjoy Bar Fight.
       This story fell together for me years ago as I ran off to Europe and spent months wandering the streets of Rome, traveling towards Southern Italy then through North Africa as I devised this character that was part alter-ego, part living contradiction.  I was drawing for myself a parallel to the artist I most relate to and admire, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.  I am an artist and writer lifeguarding part-time to survive, I had no other way to experience what I felt, what I know others will enjoy connecting with.
       The process of how I created this story continues to be described on my blog at http://blog.thebarfight.com/.  There is a sample chapter, further details about Bar Fight and a link to a small Facebook following at www.TheBarFight.com.  I can be contacted by phone (412-555-5555) or through email (Carabloggio@gmail.com).  Thank you for your time and consideration.


The Bar Fight "Cara-blog-gio" Blog

Knowing that "transgressive" fiction is a form of literary fiction more commonly associated with having an edge of social commentary would you consider such a comparison to contradict the idea of Michael being an "inspiration"?  

Should the popularity of the anti-hero in our modern culture be specifically highlighted in this proposal or does that go unsaid?

Is there anything that you think is missing or redundant?

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Michelangelo Caravaggio said...

Consider replacing the phrase...
"He and his best friend brawl for fun,"
"This is the age of the anti-hero"