Sunday, July 8, 2012

Caravaggio Makes Headline News, "Bar Fight" to Make Headlines Next

Considering that I don't read the newspaper, don't check my email and spend most of my time reading about painters who died 400 years ago it was only recently brought to my attention that Caravaggio has not only been making headlines but has been making headlines in the Herald Standard, Uniontown PA's city newspaper.

According to an article by the Associated Press two Italian historians named Bernardelli Curuz Guerrieri and Adriana Conconi Fedrigolli claim to have discovered up to 100 sketches drawn by Caravaggio early in his career.

Other art historians have been very skeptical of their research, which relied on some very "scientific" methods that involved comparing details with their eyes.

Much remains unknown about Caravaggio's teenage years as an artist-apprentice to Simone Peterzano and he certainly must have done something under his watch? Aside from these claims there is yet to be a work of Caravaggio recovered from this time period.

As an artist the authenticity of even some of his most popular works is often contested.  Caravaggio rarely signed his work, created preparatory drawings or preliminary drawings (or drawings in general).  He had a strikingly original style that was probably largely uninfluenced by his unproductive years as a pupil of the "mediocre" artist that was Peterzano.

I'd like to think I could get optimistic about these drawings attributed to Caravaggio but it reminds me too much of the time in 2007 that everyone had their hopes up about a reported Bigfoot sighting in Western PA but it turned out just to be a bear with mange.

I've always believed Sasquatch to be real.
Notice the strong chiaroscuro shadows on his fur.

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